We target high-quality middle-market businesses with a history of cash flow stability.


Billion Schmidt PE seeks to invest in proven lower middle market companies operated by strong, entrepreneurial management teams and owners who are seeking supportive capital to finance their companies’ growth, acquisition opportunities and recapitalizations.

The principal characteristics of companies we seek to invest in include:



  • Revenues of $10 to $500 million

  • EBITDA of $5 million or greater

  • Strong historical performance

  • Attractive free cash flow dynamics​​



  • Established businesses with history of profitability

  • Proven management teams with significant retained ownership stakes

  • Predictable or recurring revenues

  • Attractive growth opportunity

  • Defensible competitive position


Billion Schmidt PE has focused principally on investments in the business services, healthcare services, tech-enabled businesses and distribution/logistics sectors. However, we are opportunistic investors and will pursue attractive opportunities in other sectors which meet our criteria. We do not invest in real estate or natural resource exploration. We also avoid industries which are subject to rapid technological change or rapidly changing consumer preferences.​


We invest across the entire capital structure, tailoring the structure of each of our investments to the needs and goals of the businesses we are working with. While our investment approach is principally equity-oriented, some portion of our investment is often structured as subordinated debt or preferred stock.


Billion Schmidt PE offers a wide range of resources and skill sets to allow companies to achieve their goals.

  • Provide liquidity and an opportunity to continue to grow value

  • Assist with highest priority growth initiatives

  • Listen and serve as strategic thought partner

  • Help you and your team develop to reach the next level

  • Gain additional capital for expansion or acquisitions

  • Recruit senior executives and build a strong Board of Directors

  • Bring outside experience and expertise to support the company