Committed to Results through
Dedicated Partnerships


Billion Schmidt is a continuously growing investment firm that presides over a manifold of assets, such as private equity, investments, real estate, credit and lending. On top of this we also have strong partners that oversee hedge funds. 

By keeping highly qualified personnel, while holding Billion Schmidt itself to high standards and by employing a rigorous and focused approach to the market and our investors, it allows us to give rise to an attractive investment return to our investors. We aim at all times to keep our interests on the same path as our investment partners. 


Billion Schmidt is structured and built differently than most other private equities, this allows us to participate in opportunities that other entities miss or cannot handle. We provide a wide range of services, from building your entity up in its entirety with trusts, capital and even taking companies public, to asset management and business acquisition. 


By partnering with Billion Schmidt, you will be provided with the wide range of the company’s powerful network along with all its years of knowledge. We believe in staying united throughout the company, by applying fresh financial routes and investments we can assist our investors in reaching their investments desires and results.